2018 Travel Path Details

6/15 – Last day of work in Virginia
6/16 – drove north towards New Hampshire
6/17 – left NY after spending a night at friends
  • Spent this week establishing new residency, new drivers license, etc
6/25 – Flight from Boston to England (with my father and brother for 11 days)
6/26 England
6/28 Italy
7/5 England
7/15 Scotland
7/23 Ireland
7/30 France
8/3 Belgium
9/10 Netherlands (Schengen exit)
9/10 Egypt
9/14 Uganda
9/24 Rwanda (entry & exit)
10/7 Uganda exit
10/8 Amsterdam entry
10/14 Iceland
10/18 US – settling in New Hampshire for a while

3 thoughts on “2018 Travel Path Details

  1. Amy Linnell PhytoFoxFitness November 25, 2018 — 10:37 pm

    Wow! What a journey!

  2. Wow! I dont know but that looks tiring 😊. You can always slow it down… Good luck on your adventures…

    1. It was a very busy 4 months for sure. Thank you! I’m blogging back at home now thankfully so I can take a breather and see what’s next 🙂

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